Awespace has landed!

We are really excited to be releasing our website today and give a huge thanks to the creative dynamic team of designer James Stiff and Fiona for this beautiful creation! We hope that the text is inspiring and sets out our ambitious plans. Please do feedback, get involved, get excited with us, we are all about co-creation and collaboration.

Its all hands on deck at the moment preparing for our first event, The Magic of Life Festival. Many feelings of excitement, mixed-with nerves in our team and in the schools. We have many after-school clubs running with our dance lead Bridget working with the children to explore our music through movement. We have a beautiful harmony choir working with our professional singer Fiona. Sal who is directing the show has uncovered magic in two lead child actors, and our live band have started rehearsals. Our artist Sam and costume designer, Bridget are going down to grumpy tomorrow to source costumes and materials to create a giant puppet head and a magical, harmonising, wisdom tree. Yup you’re in for a great show!

The event is shaping up to be a ball. We have now confirmed Jubacana a youth samba group will be playing an acoustic set and we have two beautiful musicians creating deep and inspiring music in the Great Nave. In-between we will have one-off inspiring workshops and a fun-festival theme. its going to be a lovely day… a not to be missed event!

Also how lovely it will be to be in The Monastery. This building is very special as you will soon find out AND we have just been told it will have its Christmas decorations up. Pure magic to share with your friends and family!