The Silent Revolution of the Self

Dr Jeannine Goh’s long-awaited (it takes a long time to abridge the whole of western philosophy and read libraries of books on the ancient mystics) is coming very soon.  Jeannine has worked hard to create an easy to read, engaging guide to you having your own Silent Revolution.  Consider her, your own personal researcher who will provide you with all the information you require and a great philosophical and historical ground to grow yourself to new levels.


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The Enchanted Child Book




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More about the book

Within the pages of this beautiful book are a lovingly written and skilfully created parents’ guide to encourage children to explore deeper connections with their body, mind, friends, community, nature and the wider-world. Excellent instructions are given for a range of simple yoga poses, the calming buzzing-bee meditation breath and even profound ways of discussing what life is…and more!

This is all complimented with a short, colourful story to read with your children to act as a spark for these discussions to arise. A really lovely way of spending quality time with your children introducing them to the softer and deeper meaning in life and giving them some tools and techniques to help them relax and increase their self-esteem and well-being. Recommended for children under 7 years old.

‘I was compelled to write this book and set-up the social enterprise Awespace ( after reports that children are growing up ‘disenchanted and disillusioned’. I passionately believe that this should NOT be the case and our children can be lovingly nurtured to blossom. I draw on psychology research, my experience running schools’ programs and my extensive yoga knowledge and experience to bring you this gentle and beautiful approach to your childs’ development’  Dr Jeannine Goh

About the author

Jeannine Goh is a doctor of psychology, lecturer, yoga practitioner and author. She is deeply commited to children’s well-being and considering how we can create better ways of living and being.


Take a  sneaky peek inside…

The first page of the parent’s guide….


with excerpts from the guides for yoga……………….


…….. and meditation…..


A few pages from the beautifully illustrated children’s story that acts as a ‘spark’ for further discussion…..



With illustrations of the yoga poses for children to follow



…and lovely gratitude statements to share……




Sending love to all who read the book!



Wishing you a warm and soulful Christmas xx