Wonderful Workshops

We run a range of different workshops in various different environments. At the heart of all our work are the themes of wisdom, creativity and compassion. We also consult and run workshops on creating awespace in both the physical and psychological realms.

For children

In schools – we run many workshops in our Soulful School programme.

At events – we create our own events. Our first large event is the Magic of Life festival. We aim to grow this to into an international festival.

In the community – we are available to create bespoke workshops for any event.

For adults

Although most of our work at the moment is child-focused we are in the process of developing our very exciting and diverse adult work. Within our collective lies a body of wisdom of psychology, philosophy, yoga, meditation and a huge pool of creative talent to deliver unique and pioneering workshops and courses. At present we are drawing in more expertise and expect our adult work to start piloting in 2015.

Our founder psychologist Dr. Jeannine Goh who is also an experienced yoga practitioner also presently runs adult workshops exploring the body and mind connection, and specialising in creating awespace. Please subscribe to our blog to find out about upcoming events.