Four reasons Awespace is the greatest discovery of your life.

  1. Awespace  is THE key to your and your children’s well-being.

We, particularly in the West, are highly conditioned to understand and be able to navigate the external world. Through school, socialisation and even our development of our own self-awareness we are always directed externally. We become experts at navigating our external world and all the available education, guidance and laws are directed towards the external world. However, within a few moments of reflection I am sure you agree that the internal world that you also inhabit i.e. the place of your thoughts, your emotions, you feelings, your sensation, your plans, dreams, insecurities (need I go on) is a pretty large part of your life. In fact, your internal world is actually larger and far more expansive than the external physical world you have before you.

It is pretty crazy that in terms of how we deal with this expansive, demanding internal world that we are given pretty much no guidance. It is thought that on average we experience over 50,000 thoughts a day. If you were to imagine 50,000 people asking, requesting, demanding or suggesting something to you in one day, you would be pretty over-whelmed. Yet each one of us deals with that every single day within our own internal worlds. Add a day where you are stressed or worried or anxious then you can multiply that figure exponentially. It is no wonder that at least 1 in 10 children struggle with mental health issues and in both children and adults that figure is escalating. In addition to this the demands and stress of the external world are also ramping up with social media also feeding our internal worlds constantly. It is not easy.

I say, again, it is not just pretty crazy that we are not taught the skills to deal with our internal world, it is highly worrying. The good news is that the knowledge, skills and educative processes are out there. However, they tend to be built within spiritual disciplines that not everyone connects with, or a meditation or a mindfulness practice that becomes another ‘to do’ on our busy schedule. Another thing that we ‘should do’ and the last thing we want is more expectations and pressure on us.

But just imagine for a moment, that you had within you a sanctuary, a space where you could retreat and recharge whenever you need. As an expert in the external world, you can probably draw an analogy here from the most relaxing holiday you have ever had. Imagine you had a space within you, that you create and furnish that is like stepping into a spa. That you build it in such a way that when there you recharge, gain perspective and rest. With this new found space you have the strength and clarity to organise, validate and listen to all the emotions, thoughts and sensations that arise. You have a tool kit that allows you to discern what serves you and what does not and everything that does arise you treat with curiosity. This space is Awespace.

I coined this phrase from always having to talk about this space, Awespace is a place of learning and development it is both passive and active at the same time. I truly believe that if we were taught the skills to navigate and create Awespace that we could erradicate many many mental health issues particularly in the young. It is at the moment a great battle for many dealing with their internal worlds, yet the knowledge, practices and skills are there to be taught.

I suffered from terrible anxiety myself when I was younger and I know the torment of when the mind turns in on you. I am thankful everyday for having internal peace and I am so grateful that I cultivated Awespace in me

2. Awespace makes you more intelligent and keeps you young!

We know from neuropsychology that the more you practice going to Awespace and the longer you spend there the stronger that part of the brain becomes.

When you meditate you enter Awespace and we know from brain scans that experienced meditators boast a thickening of parts of the brain

Scientists from Harvard tell us that..

‘meditation practice can promote cortical plasticity in adults in areas important for cognitive and emotional processing and well-being’

These parts of the brain get thinner as you get older, so being in Awespace slows down the aging process.

3..  When you step into Awespace you open to Awe

Awe according to Professor Schneider incorporates wonder, dread, mystery, veneration, and the embracing of paradox.  Holding the meagreness of your being and the greatness and hugeness of the universe at the same time.  It leads to that moment of WOW!  Often in nature or when we realise that life is so massive and precious we have have wow moment, or sometimes this leads to an existential crisis.

However, we know from research that Awe is the antidote to self-centredness.  This is particularly important as we know the digital native, addicted to their phones generations, are the highest in narcissism.  Therefore the antidote is Awespace.

4.  If you step into Awespace you step into your creativity and genius

Psychologist have found that when the brain is at ‘rest’ and not thinking that a particular part of the brain starts getting very active.  It is all linked to a place in the brain called the default mode network (DMN).  This may well be the physical location of Awespace (although as Awespace is the space around physical things it is actually infinite. so maybe the DMN is more like a portal).

During brain resting, the mind begins to wander however this is not cognitive thought it is visions and visuals.  It is documented in a peer reviewed journal

In 1932, Einstein was thought to have said “A cruise in the sea, is an excellent opportunity for maximum calm and reflection on ideas from a different perspective.”

He would enter Awespace and his mind would wonder and it is here he came up with the theory of relativity

It was whilst driving down the highway in Awespace that  Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis had the eureka moment of how to duplicate DNA fragments while driving down the highway.