At Awespace we have successfully shared our work with children and now our deeper work is coming soon for adults (yes that's you!)

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The Enchanted Child

The Enchanted Child Project was created to ensure that our children’s well-being becomes a priority in society. We do not want our children to grow up disillusioned and disenchanted. Integral to the project is the belief that we need a kinder approach to children’s development; one that nourishes and nurtures our children’s roots and inspires and cultivates them to blossom and bloom in the most spectacular way.

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Soulful Schools

Soulful Schools

Social, moral, cultural and spiritual development has been side-lined in favour of academic achievement and its having a very negative impact on children’s well-being. It does not have to be this way! We have collaborated with musicians, drama and dance/creative-movement practitioners, academics, yoga practitioners, mindfulness/meditation-practitioners and philosophers to create our Soulful schools programme.

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Magic Of Life

What happens when you gather together loads of creative, positive and passionate energy and roll it together into a magical, life-affirming event? You get change, loads of love, joy and vibrant life-energy! The Magic of Life festival is a creative melting pot of pioneering workshops, cutting-edge music and performance. A place to celebrate, harness and release creative visions for the future.

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