WHAT IS Awespace?

That point where you are on holiday, you are far away from work, miles away from the never-ending house chores and the every increasing to-do’s.

You lie back on your sun lounger and as you breathe out, the usual worries, pressing thoughts and demands just float away…like clouds…

A sigh of relief.

You begin to notice the people around you, the way the sunlight catches the water, the birds singing a chirrpy song.  Your vista increases, spaciousness arises in you as you remember all the things you would love to do if you had the time. But for now you enjoy the peace

You have stepped into Awespace

But here is the THING…once we know that Awespace exists, we can go there anytime.  We do not need to be on an expensive holiday.

Awespace is free.

Some people find it in nature, or walking, or in meditation, mindfulness, yoga or the esoteric arts.

How you get there is up to you, the journey is as individual as you are.

One thing we are sure of, is that discovering Awespace may well be the greatest discovery of your life

It is essential for mental health, for peace, to keep you young and to discover your own creativity and genius.

The more you go to Awespace the thicker a certain part of your brain becomes.  You are literally building your own personal retreat within your own being.   You could consider this part of the brain to be like a muscle and with a bit of mental exercise you can literally create a protective shield around your own being

We provide you the guidance and inspiration to start on this invaluable journey with our blogs, videos and podcast

And who are we?

This site is created and curated by me,  Dr Jeannine Goh.  I am a psychologist and yoga teacher and my passion and calling is to encourage and assist you to create Awespace in your life.  I am an honorary research fellow in developmental psychology at the University of Manchester, Associate lecture in psychology in the faculty of well-being at The Open University and I am also the Development Manager at The Monastery, Manchester

I do this because I have seen the impact of being over-whelmed and how the mind can mis-fire.  I suffered terribly from anxiety and panic attacks in my twenties.  After experiencing this, I am everyday grateful to have peace in my mind.

I would love that for you too

Still not sure what Awespace is?

In the next few weeks, an animated video will appear here and it will explain very  clearly what Awespace is.

But..is it just meditation or mindfulness?

Anyone who meditates, or practices mindfulness  may touch Awespace and call it  ‘inner silence/or peace’ or ‘the place where thoughts arise’.

Often meditation teachers may ask you to watch, witness or observe your thoughts.  If you have not done this before then do it now for a few minutes.  Just close your eyes, take a deep breath in and a sigh on the exhale.  Take your awareness to your thoughts and just try and observe them.  Try not to get caught by one,  just enter this practice with a curiosity.

Sometimes when I do this I am surprised at how busy my mind is, thoughts flying all over.  Other times my mind is quite still.  It is so useful to get to know your own mind.

Once you have done this practice the meditation teacher may ask you who you consider is watching your thoughts.  This point may be a revelation for some students as they realise they are not their thoughts and they are actually the witness (the person observing the thoughts).

As you become more accomplished in meditation you can learn to let your thoughts float off, or in mindfulness you can become more aware of sensations in the body (which brings you into the present moment).

The mind is quite a tricky entity, sometimes likened to an untamed tiger or even a drunken monkey, it is constantly generating thoughts to capture your attention.

Research has shown that certain parts of the brain that are thicker in meditators or those with a strong presence of Awespace.  As you become more proficient in becoming the Director of your own thoughts and the Director of your being, this part will become thicker for you.  All of a sudden you will find that you are overwhelmed by your thoughts.

To give an example, if you are plagued with a lack of self-confidence and you have a set of thoughts or self-talk that doubts you all the time ‘I can not do this’ ‘I will embarrass myself if I do this’ ‘what if I fail, I better not’.  If you take these thoughts on as you, you of course become less confident.  These thoughts will get you down, they will connect to other negative spiralling thoughts and bring you down further, creating blocks in your lifes path.

However, if you can move into Awespace and as a Director of your own thoughts, you can consider these thoughts, understand where they come from and their validity.  A very different picture emerges.  You are in charge of yourself and your being and these thoughts are just messengers and you have ability to discern their validity.

Awespace is  different to meditation, because meditation suggests that you let the thoughts float away (to get some perspective and to gain some peace).  However by stepping into Awespace you create a managed forum to step into the Director role and gain the skills to discern, forgive, consider or sometimes to let thought patterns that no longer serve you float away.  It is an intelligent and empowering path of self-responsibility.

But there is much, much more to Awespace

Once you step into your role as a director and you have your own internal sanctuary and retreat you can experience a stillness and a peace that we know is invaluable for you to thrive as a person.

When you step into that space behind, or around the thoughts, your consciousness expands, your world opens up, your whole being becomes spaciousness. You experience awe.  It is here that the answers to all the questions you are looking for lie waiting.

This wisdom lies in the heart of every spiritual tradition and the heart of many of the great thinkers, poets and artists of our time.

It is a paradox really, the more we chase the thoughts, rearrange un-necessary information in our minds the more the answer is obscured.

We all have access to this deep expansive space within us, and you at any moment  connect to something much deeper in yourself than the everyday tasks and challenges.

I invite you to move away from chasing, solving and encouraging vagrant thoughts for a while and to explore what emerges.  To step into a new place in your being.

To step into Awespace

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Why Awe?

Awe is that incredible expansive feeling when we hold in the palm of our hand, both the greatness and massiveness of life itself, with the meagreness of our own lives.  Often we experience awe in nature or in space, but experiencing awe in our everyday lives opens up an incredible space for possibility and opportunity, it’s that wow moment!

 The latest academic research shows, that experiencing awe will make you feel that you have more time in your life, it will increase your sense of connectedness, increase your positive mood, decrease your materialism.  Studies also show that awe makes people feel kinder and more generous.

We do not have to travel to find awe.  Awe is the space within you.  Your mission is just to find it 

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