The Enchanted Child Project was created to ensure that your children’s well-being becomes a priority in society.

We do not want our children to grow up disillusioned and disenchanted. Integral to the project is the belief that we need a kinder approach to children’s development; one that nourishes and nurtures our children’s roots and inspires and cultivates them to blossom and bloom in the most spectacular way.

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The Enchanted Child Book

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We work with an array of fantastically talented musicians, singers, producers and song-writers within our collective.

Our aim is to produce and create beautiful and diverse music that has strong messages. We also want to explore sound experimentally as a compliment, and also method, to creating deeper connections in life. Our first music project was the creation of the The Enchanted Child production

Hear a sample of some of our lovely relaxing music for children. This download allows you to encourage your child to chant OM which is ‘the sound of the universe, by calling the character OMU from The Enchanted child story