We are really excited to have an array of fantastically talented musicians, singers, producers and song-writers within our collective. Our aim is to produce and create beautiful and diverse music that has strong meaningful message. We also want to explore sound experimentally as a compliment, and also method, to creating deeper connections in life. Our first music project was the creation of the music for The Enchanted Child Project.

Although the EP accompanies and supports The Enchanted Child Project and is therefore fantastic for children and families it is also an inspiring collection for adults.

On the children’s EP we have additional mixes of tracks that appeal to children’s curious nature.

The adult EP has the same messages and a stunning array of musical styles and musical accomplishments.

In our work we musically journey to explore our connections to the self, the mind, the body, each other/community, nature, the cosmos and awe. Our collective of extremely talented musicians and producers have created a fusion of music; laid back pop, ambient beats, rolling groove with a bit of flamenco and even a samba carnival in the mix. These are musically intelligent songs for everyone to enjoy. The EP is a journey from the inner self to the wild, fantastic exciting outer-world. It is a philosophical life-affirming journey to celebrate our being.

Please get in touch if you’d like to reserve a copy of the EP

All profits from our music go back into the project to further our charitable aims.

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