What we can offer your school

We want to nourish and support schools and we can strengthen and develop the soul of schools. Our work is backed-up with, and supported by, academic research and also the recent RSA report. Our Soulful schools programme offers a range of soul-nourishing, as well as exciting and energetic workshops, for both the children and teachers. We are proud to have some of the North-West’s top practitioners within our collective and also have connections to a wide range of pioneering arts-based activities.

If you are interested in increasing the well-being of the children or teachers in your school please talk to us and we can create workshops or a programme especially for your school. This could range from a stress-reduction yoga/mindfulness session for teachers, to a energy releasing/team-building dance class for teachers… to the full Enchanted Child performance programme (see below). We are dedicated to bringing well-being, wisdom, creativity and compassion into schools and we do this in a sensitive, inspiring but also exciting way.

‘In this age where young people are bombarded with technology, social network continually demanding their attention 24 hours a day, pressure from exams, negative images and role models in the media, we have come to a cross roads in education where, if we don’t redress this whole imbalance, our children’s well-being is at risk! As a head teacher who is passionate about giving our children strategies to help calm the inner self and to create the school, inside and out, where this can happen, I feel privileged to be working with Dr Goh and The Enchanted Child project. This is a golden opportunity for the face of education to change and re prioritise.’

Laura Daniels – Woodheys Primary School

The Enchanted Child Programme in schools

We were recently funded by The National Lottery to develop our ambitious and hugely creative arts-based school programme to boost social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) development in schools. This grew from our book The Enchanted Child, where our passionate and vibrant practitioners inspire the children to dance, sing and dramatise the story, whilst exploring deeper SMSC themes. The vibrancy and the experiential nature of the arts are skilfully balanced and fused with moments of deep silence and contemplation of life and philosophy. Our school program is having huge success and we recently gained further Arts Council funding for the children to create a large musical performance, with a live band, at the awe-inspiring venue of Gorton Monastery.

The dramatisation of The Enchanted Child story is available to all schools as a non-denominational arts-based way of exploring life. Within this, we encourage the children to explore their gifts and then to share these with each other in beautiful ways. If you are a school and would like more information on our confidence building cross-disciplinary and cross-curricular programme please contact us.