It should be a priority for us, as parents and educators, to ensure that our children are given the nourishment, support and space to blossom.

Research suggests that our children are the most self-centred in recent history, are lacking empathy and are increasing in narcissism, this is really worrying. Furthermore, a recent UNICEF survey put UK children at the bottom of the child well-being table compared with other developed countries.

Modern-day society with all its pressures, and pursuit of material wealth and consumerism, has many misleading messages for our young. We also live in an individualistic culture where there is a pressure on each individual to be unique and autonomous.  We are not making it easy for our children to thrive.

We are living in a difficult time, our society is so fast and so complex and we are all so busy trying to keep up, that some of the basics – common-sense and wisdom – are getting lost. Unfortunately, the pressure is mounting in our institutions, schools, work places and in the home.

At Awespace we have thought long and hard, run consultations, many school’s programmes and read many research papers, to try and understand how we can raise enchanted, rather than disenchanted, children. We have been really trying to think carefully about how we should introduce our world to our children. We have been working with schools and parents, and consulted with community leaders and academics. This led to the publication of The Enchanted Child book, Soulful School’s programme and  the Magic of Life Festival.

Our collective is a gathering of inspiring and highly creative individuals and as a group we are growing at an exponential rate. The good news is that together we are finding clear, interesting and exciting ways towards raising enchanted children. To find out more about our non-denominational, heart-led and common-sense approach you can read our article here. There is also more information in the parental guide at the back of The Enchanted Child book.

‘An Enchanted Child is delighted by the world around them. They notice, appreciate and are connected to all aspects of life. They are amazed by their bodies which they treat with respect. They are enraptured by the power of their minds and all they can achieve. They live from their hearts and love to care and share and recognise the importance of community and working for the greater good. They look at nature with wonder and acknowledge the interconnection of everything. Excited by their own potential, they are in awe of life, the world and the universe’

An excerpt from the The Enchanted Child

The Enchanted Child Book

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