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The average person is not so happy in the world we live in.  Many of us feel frustrated, over-whelmed and stressed and many of us, or people we love are struggling with mental distress.  Life is hard and so are we, and we learn to wear armour and many of us struggle.

Life with its natural challenges is tough enough, but our dominant world-view, or paradigm or epoch, and the values we choose to live by really do not help

But thank goodness things are changing quick  and we are stepping into a new epoch.  Exciting advances in quantum science have now lead us back to ancient wisdom and opened extraordinary possibilities in life.

We have only been living in less than 5% of our, and our worlds potential.   It is no wonder we are frustrated and suffocated.  

Life is far more than we were lead to believe, and although religion is also an out-dated world-view for many, life itself is sacred and we are finding new understandings of what that means.

We are free to believe again